Welcome to Hardy & Hiscoke

We are Staff Benefit Specialists, helping Employers with Group Benefits such as: Superannuation, Health Insurance and Life & Disability Insurance.

Our role is to help an Employer provide benefits for their Staff with minimum involvement from their Administrators. We act as the link between the Employer, the Employee and the various Providers and can provide a level of service tailored to your company requirements.

As Benefit Designers

  • Provide an evaluation service, i.e. we can help you reassess what you already have in place.
  • Act as a facilitator with various groups within your organisation to establish which benefits are appropriate.
  • Assist with design of new benefits, or redesign of existing benefits.
  • Undertake research and evaluation of services and benefits that are available from various Providers.

During Implementation

  • Manage the implementation process of any new or revamped benefits.
  • Prepare easily understood information packs of the benefits available.
  • Run educational seminars and provide assistance to staff re. the benefits available to them.
  • Process all Employee application paperwork.
    Handle all correspondence to Employees re. confirmation of benefits once processed

Managing your Benefits

  • Our secure web-based administration system designed to facilitate the sourcing and distribution of information enables us to report to and manage all administration relative to your staff benefits.
  • Purpose-built database designed specifically to manage client information.
  • We provide service and advice nationally.
  • An 0800# dial-in facility is in place for members who require toll-free assistance.

Why Hardy & Hiscoke?

Our specialised hands-on knowledge and experience of corporate superannuation and group insurance benefits can be traced back to 1980. We therefore believe we are perfectly positioned to assist Employers of both small and large business to identify and evaluate the most appropriate, cost efficient options available to them and their staff.

Our approach is that the chosen option should always be a hassle free "benefit"... not a burden and an ongoing administration headache.

With Hardy & Hiscoke managing your benefit package:

  • Your Staff do not need to become involved in sorting out problems between an Employee and the Provider,
  • Staff do not need to spend time reconciling member accounts or preparing information for reviews etc.
  • When you have a change in personnel, you do not have to allocate time for transference of knowledge in this area from the departing employee to their replacement.